Taking it lying down

Lying around

 This past week has been full of projects and lots of transformations.
Case in point, the chaise which was transformed from dumpster to 5th Avenue style.

A clients chaise which had seen better days. Some nicks and dings along the way but the bones were good with promise.
This one is being "flipped" and resold for a client.
Not knowing which direction I would take but something gray and timeworn would have to do.
Dark gray and creamy ivory base was in order for this face lift!
Followed by some glazing and finished off by some sealer.
The finished product styled in this vignette. If you are in the Tulsa metro area you can find this beauty in Jenks,Oklahoma at River City Trading Post.
This vignette was styled and filled with French and gold finds.
Much better and awaiting her new home.
Her sister also got a facelift, and has found her new home too!
Loving her in a gray wash!
Lot's more transformations and did I mention, Fall is upon us!



Temps are falling, sign me up!


Enjoy the burn

Burn baby burn.
Only at the end of the winter are the “walls” of the woodshed burned as firewood. photograph by rob cardillo
A very designed way of stacking the seasons firewood.
Living room...great white color...optimistic combination of wood and light brightness
This stacked version incorporated plaster shelves and plays off the wood tones naturally.
Architect Visit: Andersson-Wise Architects in Texas : Remodelista - wood in steel frame
Anderson -Wise Texas Architects
10 best woven baskets for firewood shopping picks by My Paradissi
Loving these 10 best firewood gathering baskets from my paradissi.com
Taavo Somer - a modern yet rustic restaurant in Brooklyn.  How wonderful would this be in the Feed & Grain - using our rustic walls and high ceilings to enhance the dining experience while paying homage to our past as a grain building.
Taavo Somer restaurant on Brooklyn, Ny.
Come on baby,light my fire!

Divide & Conquer!

Settling the Score.
Well, it's official summer is drifting slowly away and though the sun is shining bright the shadows of fall are fastly approaching.

The last car trunk has closed,rooms packed up and school uniforms and school supplies purchased!
Inspiration Lane
With the approach of darker shades of nail polish, softly faded hues from falling leaves and the glistening crinkling of cellophane wrappers which seem to adorn crystal candy containers galore, it is safe to say that a shift in season is upon us.
We had a summer, a glorious time enjoying all that is hot and allows for flip flops and tanned toes!
As soon as summer showed up a little r&r and it was time to leave once again.
I fear my blogging was at an all time low, but there was much designing and painting going on!
Reclaimed Wood-A Hot Trend & 15 Fabulous Ideas For Using It- BHG

So here's to warmer evenings by the fire and piles of soft throws and blankets for those chilly evenings ahead!

Lot's of projects to share, art to contemplate and designs to study and implement into ones own humble abode.

Like a warm blanket, welcome fall!


Sweet dreams...

Sweet Dreams
Loving this galvanized metal bedframe, looks cool enough to fall into!
Via Tumblr


Welcome August!

Hot in the city.
Normally the weather in this Midwest state is unbearable in August, but a cool front has moved in and mornings in the sixties have been the norm this past week.
In honor of a cool spell, because if you have ever visited Oklahoma the weather changes at the drop of a hat!
Via Marianne Boer



A few shades of gray to cool off the hot hues of summer



Childs Play

                                              A little Fun.

                                                                 Great worktable and ceiling for projects and crafts.
                                                                    Open and light hallways with clean scrubbed pine floors
                                                                      What a view!
                                                                Cute collectibles and art projects!