Childs Play

                                              A little Fun.

                                                                 Great worktable and ceiling for projects and crafts.
                                                                    Open and light hallways with clean scrubbed pine floors
                                                                      What a view!
                                                                Cute collectibles and art projects!


Dive In..

Time to take a dive!
A lot of new opportunities coming for Leslie Rowlands Interiors

This pic of Sonora and her famous diving horse captures the fearlessness of in the moment and embracing your inner strength.
From the Calgary Stampede 1925
via Flickr


Down the drain ...

Get Dirty
A great mix of glazed old world tiles and mix of texture and pattern.



Go for the gold ...
All that glitters could be gold .
Via P


In The House


Blue Jean Baby

Happy 4th of July
Love this American  Dungaree (fabric) Jeans, trousers made from denim Bib-and-brace overalls A type of 20th-century U.S. Navy uniform.

“Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola,” Diana Vreeland, the redoubtable former Vogue editor, gushed to The New York Times in 1980. 

A little denim and Jasper Johns for the 4th of July.

Pretty American is the soup can, brought to life in full form and created around 1900-1910, this execution of soup can as art predates Andy Warhol's efforts by half a century. And, long before flag burning was en vogue, ...



Black & Blue

B & B

Love the dark and pale boards

Pallet love in the Australian kitchen

Who could get blue on this shady spot?
Flickr,Vogue AU,P 



Dog Days of Summah
The new month is upon us and it has been a very busy summer so far around La Maison Fou.
Busy is good and work is taking over those dog days of summer.
Recently, I was introduced to a few new favorites and I wanted to share the wealth ( of knowledge, that is ).
A new list of summer fav's ....

From Brooklyn, this line of fabric and wallpaper comes from Eskayel.
The printed patterns are similar to scientific ink blots and tie dye in a modern way.
Pic via ABC Carpet

Marbelized porcelain plates come from many sources and private companies.
These were from Anthropologie, there are many styles and color combinations but what sea worthy colors.

Traveling this summer is on everyone's list, these handmade and pressed soaps from The Society Inc. come in several varieties of scents. Choose yours to bring memories of recent trips to your everyday routine or take a scent with you on your next trip.